Time to give your CV personality


Getting your personality across in a CV can be a tricky task for most of us.

You want to portray yourself as professional, intelligent and knowledgeable in your field. That’s all well and good, however what you need to remember is that people hire people. Yes, having a personality really is crucial when attracting the eye of a potential employer.

You want to stand out from the other applicants. Not for how wacky, bright or in-your-face your CV is, but because you truly express who you are and why your personality and work ethic is the perfect match for the company you’re applying to.

Answer these 5 questions (in no more than one sentence) and include the answers in your profile. This will really display your character and passion in your given field:

  1. What are your 3 strongest personality traits?
  2. Why are you passionate about your chosen industry…e.g. what attracted you to your chosen career path?
  3. Why are you excited about your chosen career path, and this role as your next step?
  4. What are your 3 strongest and most relevant strengths?
  5. A little something to make you stand out? How about a favourite quote “A smile is so powerful it can change the mood of a group of people without a word.” Lee Wilcox

Best of luck!