5 Key Things Recruiters Always Look For


I tell everyone an interview should be a pleasure not a chore, it’s a chance for you to find out more about a company and role and for them to find out more about you.

It is crucial that you have the skills and ability to do the job but don’t forget you also have to get across your personality and characteristics, soft skills or competencies are just as important as your experience.

5 Key things that recruiters look for are

Reliability, Efficiency, Confidence, Communication, Passion.


You cannot run a business with unreliable people. This is why recruiters do not like job hoppers, if you have consistently moved jobs within a year or started but not finished a number of work or personal projects, this is a warning sign that you are unreliable.

Reliability goes hand in hand with trust so think of examples that demonstrate it, discuss them with other people or write down examples that demonstrate how you have been relied upon and how you have gone the extra mile to make sure something happens.

First off make sure you turn up on time and have all the right information for the interview.


Recruiters will be looking for you to prove that you are efficient and effective at getting things done. It’s no good being able to do a job but taking twice as long as someone else or not doing it so well.

Think of examples from your past experiences that tie in with the demands of the new role and paint a picture to demonstrate just how efficient you are. Is there something you have been involved with that can highlight efficiencies, write it down and talk it through with people before your interview? Also make sure you have a copy of your CV, any other information and letters of recommendation or thanks to show the recruiter.


Recruiters are incredibly busy people, they will not waste time meeting you unless they believe you are capable of doing the job, so you should always go to an interview feeling confident.

You do not want to appear arrogant or over confident but always be proud of your achievements and abilities and never forget to share the glory. If it was a team effort make sure you acknowledge and praise everyone involved.

What specific skills are they asking for in the job description that you are confident you can do well? Highlight these and ask for any clarification which might lead to you being able to talk about that skill.


We all communicate everyday so tend not to think of it as a necessary skill but the ability to deliver concise and rounded communication is essential in all roles. If communication is not clear, things don’t get done or might go horribly wrong.

The recruiter will be checking that you are thinking about your answers, staying on track and getting across the necessary detail. Too much information or verbal diarrhoea is a sign that you are nervous and unsure of your answer or ability.


Passion is one of the core Arthur Edward values and runs deep within the cosmetic industry in general. We are a fast moving, innovation driven industry and if that doesn’t excite you, if you do not feel a passion for product then this is not the industry for you.

As well as a passion for product, you must also be passionate about the company and the role in general. You need to do your research and find out all about the company and their competitors. If it doesn’t excite you, do not even go for the interview for without passion you simply will not get or maintain the job.

Think long and hard about what excites you and what you most enjoy in the work place, use this passion to help get a role with a company that will truly excite you every day.

A job offer is often given to the candidate who wants it the most, often a recruiter will meet 4 or 5 people for 1 role, and you need to make sure they remember you for all the right reasons.

Asking questions and covering these key skills with solid examples will help them remember you.

Remember to keep your guard up and be the most charming version of yourself and please make sure you smile!!