Ensure Your LinkedIn Profile Gets Your Dream Job


Time to share the stand-out LinkedIn Profile tricks-of-the-trade… I hope you’re taking note?

Treat your profile as an equivalent (if not better) version of your CV.

Base your profile on the same principals as you would your CV. *Insider tip* Last year the words responsible, strategic and effective were the most overused words on this network. Make your profile stand-out…get creative and feature insightful, descriptive words/phrases to show the REAL you…e.g. dynamic and going the extra mile…then give an example to support the description. This doesn’t need to be in a written format, what about a short video clip, mini PowerPoint presentation, or direct quote from someone supporting your work/achievements? Published posts will get you noticed.

Be easy to find.

This is a pretty simple one really. If we, as head hunters or potential employers can’t find you, then we can’t let you know about career opportunities. Firstly, make sure your profile is visible to the public…there’s no point in perfecting, when no one can see it. Be sure to use keywords in your Summary. Remember that recruiters use straightforward search terms, i.e. industry (e.g. cosmetics), job title (e.g. account manager), key accounts, (e.g. Boots) and responsibilities (e.g. sales). Before writing your profile, really think about what you do in your current role, what you want from your future role, then include pertinent words so you’re discovered in a recruiter’s search.

Make sure your profile is complete.

LinkedIn is a fantastic guide, recommending you fill in all areas of your profile and alerting you if you have missed anything out. Include You can view a percentage chart at the right hand side of your LinkedIn profile screen. Your profile should be at the very least 90% complete…try to aim for ‘All Star‘. Let everyone see your Top Skills (changing the order so important ones are at the top), join pertinent Groups and highlight Volunteer work…it’s valuable experience. The more information you share with the recruiter or employer, the more accurately they can gauge whether a role is right for you. No time wasted. Perfect.

Follow your dream companies.

This is an immediate way for you to show a head hunter or company/brand that you’re interested in them. Great starting point. What’s more, you’ll be kept up-to-date with the Company’s posts and job opportunities. Company Pages on LinkedIn also show if any of your contacts are already connected to people who work at those companies. This will make it easier for you to connect with that person as a 2nd contact, or why not ask them for an introduction?

Grow your network.

This one’s easy and it comes down to the fundamentals of how LinkedIn works. The basic concept is that the more relevant connections you are able to build, the more you will start to show up in appropriate sidebars and searches. Family, friends, colleagues, those who are part of your industry, and relevant recruiters are all valuable connections. Make sure to personalise your connection request messages…influential people are much more likely to accept a connection with someone who has taken the time to introduce why you want to connect in a concise and attractive manner.

Re-read your LinkedIn Profile.

Once you’ve written your LinkedIn profile, make sure to take a break and then come back to it to proof read. We’ve come up with seven characteristics head hunters and employers are more often than not searching for (CAREFUL…don’t just use these words verbatim! Remember we’ve already recommended you show off your personality, skills and experience using key insightful words, rich media, presentations, etc).

  • Honesty – all employers are looking to trust their team
  • Personality – why does your personality suit your chosen career
  • Work ethic – show that you are a committed employee who isn’t afraid of rolling your sleeves up
  • Passion – enthusiasm for your industry is a must
  • Committed/loyal – nobody likes a jumpy CV!
  • Ambition – it’s always a nice touch to put into words where you want to go in your career. What’s the end goal?

Best of luck…go get that dream job!