How’s your career? Planning your next step? Our CAREER HUB is a self-guided program providing information, guidance and support at key stages in your career.

Developed by Arthur Edward Recruitment and containing 60+ articles, videos and self-assessment exercises, the CAREER HUB will help you assess and understand your motivations, goals and ambitions. It’s designed for people at all levels and career stages, whether entering the industry, preparing to change direction, or coping with redundancy.

We are offering this valuable resource FREE to help people and companies in the industry cope in unprecedented and unpredictable times.

Explore the CAREER HUB and proactively plan your future career.


The Career Hub contains over 60 individual pieces, including videos, articles and self-assessment questionnaires. It is presented in 12 key sections:

  • Personal goal setting
  • Understanding the job market
  • The search process
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Building your personal brand
  • CV preparation
  • Your wellbeing
  • Confidence building and resilience
  • Working with a recruitment agency
  • Job boards pros and cons
  • Interview and presentation skills
  • Making a good impression

We continually review and update the Hub, so your feedback and suggestions are very welcome. If you have any comments please contact us.


  • A supplement to your internal training/HR resource
  • A focused and motivated team, enhancing staff engagement and retention
  • Independent career guidance from industry specialists
  • Support for your staff through times of difficulty or redundancy


  • Assess and understand your character and motivations
  • Help you to consider and define goals for your career path
  • Build confidence and boost communication skills
  • Provide focus and guidance for the job search process
  • Support you in challenging times

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