Reboot Your Reputation & Boost Recruitment

The cost of a poor employer reputation: Recruiting challenges and solutions

Let’s face it – in today’s hyper-connected world, your company’s reputation can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to attracting top talent.

With platforms like Glassdoor and LinkedIn giving job seekers an all-access pass to the inside scoop on workplace cultures, potential employees have more intel than ever to guide their career moves.

If your company’s been hit with negative reviews or a tarnished reputation, you can find yourself facing some serious hurdles in the recruitment game.

How does a poor reputation impact recruitment?

A bad reputation can impede a company’s recruitment efforts in several ways:

  1. The best candidates can take one look at your reviews and say, “No thanks!” leaving you with fewer quality applicants
  2. You’ll have to spend more time or money (or both!) on recruitment, as your candidate pool shrinks
  3. Retaining new hires becomes a challenge if the workplace doesn’t live up to their expectations
  4. Candidates can ask for higher pay to make up for the perceived risks
  5. Your employer brand takes a long-term hit – a poor reputation makes it harder and harder to improve your image over time

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Ready to turn things around? Here’s your game plan

Let’s face it, there’s no quick-fix for a damaged reputation. But there are some sure fire strategies to boost your standing and attract those rock-star candidates:

  • Face the problem. Identify what needs fixing and create a solid plan to address problems one by one
  • Get your team involved! Set up feedback sessions and open internal communication channels so your employees feel heard and in the loop
  • Take real steps to improve your employees’ day-to-day experience. Happy employees are your best ambassadors.
  • Without being pushy, let your satisfied employees know it’s okay to share their positive experiences on review platforms. When they see you making an effort, they’ll be more likely to spread the word
  • Be upfront in the recruitment process about the steps you’re taking to improve. Honesty about both challenges and opportunities goes a long way
  • Use every tool in your toolbox to show off your employer brand – social media, career pages, industry events, you name it
  • As always, competitive compensation and perks are major players in recruitment and retention for any business
  • A top-notch onboarding process can turn new employees into your biggest fans and advocates

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You’re not just polishing for your image; you’re creating a positive and supportive place to work for everyone on the team. Crack that, and you’ll not only attract better candidates; you’ll also keep your current superstars motivated and happy. It’s a win-win that’ll benefit your company for years to come.

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