Be first in line for success when working from home

I used to work closely with my boss and was confident I would get promotion soon. But now we are all working from home, what can I do to stand out from the rest of the team?

Be visible & invaluable

It’s vital that you remain visible when you work remotely, not just to your boss and colleagues but to other areas of the business. You’re probably having regular video calls with your team but make the effort to speak to them individually as well, for a more personal connection.

And if you manage a team, regular contact will remind them that you value them all as individuals, and they can talk to you if they’re struggling with anything during a difficult time.

Sound career advice at any time, is to be seen as the go-to person in your team. If people in other departments find that you’re always approachable and keen to help, they will sing your praises to your boss. So, make yourself available to everyone and be the first to offer help when it’s asked for.

Manage your Manager

If you’re working hard at home, doing a great job and meeting all your deadlines, your line manager may be tempted to leave you to it. Find ways to be visible to them without demanding lots of their time. You want to be noticed, without being needy or irritating!

You could suggest setting-up a routine that takes little of their time but has great benefits. Maybe it’s a check-in call on Monday to run through the week’s tasks and priorities, and a progress report by email on Friday. Or ask them if someone else can work with you or support you on specific tasks, to free up their time. Find a solution that reminds them how professional and proactive you are.

See the bigger picture

Most companies publish their goals and values. Make sure you know what your company’s are and have a vision of how you are helping the team, your boss and the business achieve their objectives. When you’re talking to your manager, show that you’re not working in a vacuum. You understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, and how it’s helping them get where they need to go.

I always say that everyone in a company must be either making money or saving money; it’s not all down to the sales team! Whatever your role, think creatively about how you’ve made or saved money for the business, either directly or by helping other functions. This will keep you focused and boost your chances of promotion in the future.

Focus on self-development

If you’re not as busy as you used to be, resist the temptation to coast. Use any spare time wisely and constructively. Offer to help other people, join project teams, or look at self-development opportunities. And if you find a useful webinar, course, or article, share it with the whole team to show how helpful and collaborative you are.

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